Reviving Lost Senses of Life

That refers to life, all of the creatures and plants, that are living in such a vast area that is undeveloped, like this National Park.


Now, why do you think that people from towns and cities across America come to Yellowstone? There are crowds when you do things the normal mainstream way, at one of the Park’s four entrances — but crowds are avoided by those who use certified guides. The main reason, when you dig a little bit into the matter, that people come here is that some natural danger is somehow welcome to the human mind.

When people enter Yellowstone, they will begin to see very ‘picturesque‘ sights. As they venture farther into the wilderness, farther from their cars and the highway system that could lead them home, a more ‘sublime’ feeling will come on.

Sublime in this way means that something is so beautiful it shakes the soul, and scares the senses with its beauty — these sights often require risk over dangerous routes to reach. When we are starved for sublime experiences in life, generally, our overall experience may become too routine, like we are machines rather than human-animals.

People who come to Yellowstone and enter its sublime wilds, as well as countless beautiful settings closer to the edges of the Park, revive their senses and instincts and basic drives. Often the natural appetite is reset, as well as natural sleeping cycles, because this Park speaks to the part in anybody that values ‘creature comforts’, such as a warm meal and firelight before bed.


Although so many of us, especially the youngsters, are in fact well-adapted for contemporary life that is fast-paced, and multi-tasked, after a while almost everybody begins to notice that most of their reflexes have begun to react to the artificial worlds of developed areas. Visiting a National Park is one way people have found to reset their senses, realigning them to the world of Nature, in all its certainty and immediacy.

When this more natural, more instinctual, more present moment-oriented state is experienced again while doing something wild, or when sensing the sublime in the wilderness, it does not hamper people who must return to live in the cities. In fact, they find they can cope better and get more from that world after their rejuvenating visits to the great outdoors.

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