Snowmobile Rentals

We have a wide selection of 2 and 4 stroke sleds available for rental so you can explore the surrounding area. Private guides are available or just go out on your own.

West Yellowstone is unique in the fact that snowmobiles can be ridden on most of the city streets and so there’s no need to pull your sled on a trailer to the trailheads. Just jump on and ride.

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Agility applies to the Arctic Cat M6 153-inch. Take the FOX Float® rear skid, for instance. Two wheels on the inside rails boost your ability to take that powder-covered mountain with ease. That’s the expert-grade mountain sled taking you into that incline effortlessly. The 600 engine is a two-stroke 599-cubic-centimeter liquid twin with more horsepower and a chassis that creates perfect mountain ergonomics. And the M series single-ply 153-inch Power Claw™ track gives you the ultimate in snow-conquering efficiency. Optimum riding ergonomics and lightweight skills in the powder, making you the master of the next mountain you decide to conquer.
Daily Rental rate $174.00

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