While Yellowstone offers a photographers dream and family memories to last a lifetime, the area surrounding Yellowstone is equally inviting. With nightlife and shopping, to sightseeing and dining, West Yellowstone can soothe your need for more than just Yellowstone. For seasonal and special events in and around West Yellowstone, visit the Chamber of Commerce website.

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Yellowstone National Park is a photographer’s paradise – no matter what your experience or equipment level.

Horseback Rides

Take a horseback ride through towering pines and mountain meadows filled with wildflowers and spectacular views.

Outdoor Cookouts

A unique dining experience to put on your must-do list for your summer vacation.


Yellowstone tours are our specialty.

Short Drives

There are numerous attractions located just a short drive from West Yellowstone.

Reviving Lost Senses of Life

When you think about the scale of Yellowstone — with its size over 2 million acres — you can appreciate why it is full of ‘wild life’.


The Yellowstone Historic Center Museum is the town’s main museum.

West Yellowstone Rodeo

Montana’s finest rodeo held nightly throughout June, July, and August.

The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

The center is home to a collection of live bears and wolves.


Wildlife is the top reason to come to Yellowstone.


Canyon Street is the main shopping area in West Yellowstone and is home to a wide selection of shops.

Historic Walking Tour

The West Yellowstone Walking Tour offers visitors the opportunity to take a self guided stroll back into the history of the town.


Since 1971 we have been leading the way with hassle -free, fun winter vacations.


Since 1971 we have been leading the way with fun, hassle -free winter vacations.

Cross Country Skiing

Check out the Rendezvous Ski Trail system that is a hallmark for skiers.


The Park has ensured that this sport has its place.

Ice Fishing & Dog Sledding

Check out Hebgen Lake in the Winter.

Snowmobile Rentals

We have a wide selection of 2 and 4 stroke sleds available for rental so you can explore the surrounding area.