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Get Prepared

It’s time to start getting ready for your visit to Yellowstone!

We’ve compiled a few different resources to help you prepare for your upcoming trip.

“Wow. Speechless. So beautiful and we hit the guide jackpot when Duke picked us up! His passion and knowledge for nature and Yellowstone was awesome and helped make our experience incredible!”
Karla Bohnovic Huszczo
Park Visitor Summer 2019

Explore some of our FAQs...

We have compiled some frequently asked questions and general tips to help make your stay with us memorable and hassle free. Please do not hesitate to contact the Front Desk Staff with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

While full coats are not necessary with our 1 piece snowmobile suits, you do need to layer your clothing to take advantage of maximum warmth. If you brought thermal underwear with you, they are great for layering under sweatpants or jeans. If you do not have thermal underwear, you may layer with t-shirts; long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, Henley’s, flannel shirts, turtlenecks, and even tank tops. You want to make sure that none of your clothes (including the 1 piece suit) are too tight. Layering works by providing an insulation of “air” between layers that allows your body heat to keep you warm. Too tight clothing prevents that air insulation and you will feel the cold.

The Front Desk Staff will attempt to call your room and contact you by other means, however, if you are late for your tour and fail to meet your guide at the appointed time (as shown on your copy of the itinerary), your tour may leave without you.  Our Staff is always on hand to assist guests in the event they get lost or need directions to their meeting place.  If you are running late, you must call and notify the Front Desk PRIOR to the departure time.

No, alcohol is not permitted on tours. Guests may bring a bag or backpack with snacks, water, camera and other personal items but not alcohol.

No, pets are not permitted on tours.

In general, snowmobiles must be returned to the Bears Den Cinema no later than 5 PM each evening.  If you would like to keep your snowmobile during your stay and you are not scheduled to “change” snowmobile models during your stay, you may ask the Snowmobile Manager when you pick up your snowmobile if it would be allowed.  The Front Desk Staff cannot give permission for you to keep your snowmobile after 5:00 PM.  You must arrange this with the Snowmobile Manager.

You don’t need to worry about picking up your sack lunch for Canyon.  Lunches are ordered the night before and are picked up in the morning by the guides (snowmobile or Snowcoach).  Please double check with your guide to confirm they have your lunch prior to departing on your tour.  If you have elected NOT to have us order you a deli sack lunch in favor of bringing your own lunch, please do not forget your lunch in the morning.  There are no food services at Canyon.

The touring snowmobiles do have a very small compartment under the seat.  If you are concerned with storing something on the snowmobile, please visit the Bears Den Cinema and have one of the staff show you the actual compartment so you can plan what to bring or what not to bring.  We do not advise storing camera’s or any other electronic devices on the snowmobile itself.  The rough terrain and cold temperatures can damage these items.  Cameras should be small enough to fit inside your snowmobile suit close to your skin to keep them warm enough to function properly.  If you have items you need to carry with you, small, lightweight backpacks that don’t interfere with your driving are ideal.

No, that is not true!  While the Snowcoach is heated, it can take a while to heat completely.  During your tour you will be getting off the Snowcoach and taking pictures, even walking around.  You need to dress for the weather and layer.  You need to wear appropriate footwear for walking in snow and on ice.  We recommend a good hat, warm gloves and even snow boots.  Layer your clothing and bring a nice warm coat.  If you do not have appropriate cold weather outerwear, please see the Front Desk Staff.  Boots, gloves, facemasks are all part of our snowmobile rental clothing that we can rent to you for a day.  We can even rent you a 1 piece snowmobile suit for the day, if needed!

Gratuities are not included in the price of tours. We have the best guides and they work hard to provide a safe, memorable and educational experience. Please reward them accordingly. We suggest a 15% gratuity.

We know that you may have many more questions than what we have included here. As you think of them, please call or visit the Front Desk.

We look forward to serving you!