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Continuing nearly 150 years of Yellowstone National Park tourism tradition.

After receiving designation in 1872 by President Theodore Roosevelt, the nation’s first national park wasted no time in attracting visitors. That same year the park saw 300 tourists, a number that increased to more than 5,000 ten years later with the completion of a railroad station near Livingston, MT, at the park’s north entrance.

Today, Yellowstone continues to be one of the country’s most unique natural attractions, featuring over two million acres of stunning geothermal features, untouched forests, rivers, lakes, bison, wolves, and elk — along with a wide array of other wildlife and over 1,300 plants. Since the early 1900s, our guides have been right there in the thick of it, leading a portion of the summer tours the park has long been famous for.

About Clyde Seely

And in 1970, Clyde Seely, See Yellowstone’s longtime owners, as well as the owner of the Three Bear Lodge, Three Bear Motel, and Parade Rest Guest Ranch, kicked off winter tourism in the area by leading the park’s first ever snowmobile tours that year. Eventually, Clyde, his team, and other local West Yellowstone tour companies worked together to ensure a sustainable future for snowmobile and snowcoach tours so that visitors could continue enjoying the park year-round for years to come.